Sue Haseltine - Background

Nature and the landscape have been an enduring love throughout my life. I find great inspiration in the colours, textures, smells, temperatures and atmospheres of the landscape and this feed directly into my images. This inspiration feeds into two types of work, one an intuitive response to the landscape and the other based on the close observation of specific places.

My main artistic influences are the Modernists of the early Twentieth Century including Klee, Braque, Matisse, Mondrian, Nolde, Kandinsky and Schwitters and the St Ives School of painters and sculptors. I am also inspired by contemporary artists such as Howard Hodgkin, Harvey Daniels, Melita Denaro, James Naughton, Elizabeth Blackadder and Peter Blake.

In recent work, to reflect the winter season and the softness of the Downs I have begun a series of work where I use cooler colours including grays, pale blues and browns.

Beachy HeadLandscape: Prints

For my prints I either work in the same way as for the paintings or take materials out into the landscape to directly work from the scene. I prepare etching plates in advance so that I can work straight onto the plate, capturing something of the atmosphere and weather conditions combined with the appearance of the scene. I also work onto a polyester film called True Grain for screenprinting to translate directly into screens in the studio for printing.

Flower Paintings

Apple BlossomThese images represent a very different approach to the natural world. I directly record what I observe, as truthfully as possible, aiming to capture the beauty of the flower in front of me or the flowers I have photographed. I find the way that I can play with the depth of field in photography particularly inspiring, and love to explore the out of focus areas on the image as well as the clarity of the flowers that are in crisp focus. I work mainly from flowers that I find attractive or photograph when out in the landscape or garden, but can also work to commission.

At times the two different styles of image making meet and intertwine as with some of my more recent pen and wash images.

Distant viewAbstract Landscape: Paintings

The process of making these images begins intuitively, each image gradually develops from the first marks that I make upon the paper or canvas, which I then respond to and build upon. Most of these images reflect composite memories of places, rather than specific locations they are more a response to marks, tones, shape, colour and texture.

Career History - A brief summary

Artist and freelance Digital Media Designer 2001 – Present
Teacher of Screenprinting at Brighton Independent Printmaking - 2008 - Present
Manager/Administrator - Sussex Family Mediation Service April 2005 - Dec 2007
‘A' level and GCSE Art and Design Coordinator, Filton College 1995 - 2000
Etching Tutor, Coubertou Arts School, Puy L’Eveque, France 1992 - 1992

Education - A brief summary

Certificate in Multimedia - Digital Arts, Lighthouse, Brighton 2000 - 2001
HNC Graphic Communication, City of Bristol College – Distinction 1998 - 2001
OCN Stained glass, Filton College 1996 - 1998
PGCE Art and Design, University of Brighton 1994 - 1995
BA (Hons) Fine Art Printmaking, Maidstone College of Art - 2/1 1984 - 1987
Foundation Art and Design, Horsham School of Art