Beachy Head


Carolyn Trant - Printmaker and maker of artists books

Printfest - Cumbrian printmaking fair in May

Svetlana K-lie – Sculpture

Sharifa Brooks Read – Very distinctive prints and paintings

Kary Fisher - Printmaker - Beautiful flowing prints

Colin Moore - Lino Cuts and paintings - They are amazingly clear and clean, don't know how he does it!

Katherine Jones - Beautiful etchings and collographs

Steyning Arts - Annual art festival in May/June

Ink Spot Press - Excellent printmaking workshop in Brighton

Mary Jane Ansell - Amazing portraits and prints

Helen Brown - Wonderful vibrant prints of the South Downs lanscape and other places

Jane Sampson - Gorgeous richly textured screenprints

Rich Townsend - Iconic screenprints

Linda Frances Trott - Naive style paintings taken from locations in Paris, France and domestic scenes. Linda works mainly in Montmartre

Daniela Westcott - Brighton sculptor and painter

Barry Haseltine - Specialist in masonry and rendering defects and construction problems

Claude Oscar Monet Oil Paintings