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Teaching and Workshops at the Brighton studio with Sue Haseltine

Summer Workshops and weekly Autumn classes 2016

Summer Workshops:

Summer Project Class extension

2 sessions
Wednesday 6th and 13th July 10am - 12.30pm
Continuing on from the normal weekly project class, this is ideal if you have a project or technique that you would like to explore in a supportive environment for two sessions. You will be given guidance whilst making your images. You can work in any 2D medium of your choosing including oils, watercolour, mixed media, acrylics and so on. (Please note: The studio is solvent free but there are methods for using oils which I can show you to avoid using any thinners)

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Printmaking introduction
18th and 19th July 10am - 3.45pm
£85 + 5 materials fee 2 day workshop

This taster course will cover diverse printmaking methods including monoprinting, botanical printing, dypoint and lino. Printmaking is a great way to find new forms of creativity as it possesses wonderful inherent qualities and great scope for a variety of mark making.
Ideal for beginners and for people with some previous experience of print who would like to make some new work.
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Lino printing day

Date changed to Friday 2nd September (was 19th August) 10.00am - 3.45pm
£45 + £5 materials fee (price includes one A5 piece of lino, inks and cartridge paper)
Lino cutting is a wonderfully bold and exciting print medium. The process involves simplifying images to translate them onto lino blocks and cutting into the blocks using lino tools to make varied marks. The block is printed either in  black or in coloured inks to get different effects.
Suitable for beginners and people with previous experience of lino cutting who’d like to make new work.
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Collograph printing

Friday 9th September 10.00am - 3.45pm
£45 + £5 materials fee (price includes card, use of inks and cartridge paper)

Collograph creates beautiful sensitive marks and is great fun. The process creates a low relief block and lends itself to creating images in a very unique way. You will be working with various textured materials collaging onto card that is then varnished. It is surprising how little texture is needed to create marks. The blocks themselves are very attractive and these can be printed either in relief (like lino) or as intaglio prints (like drypoint).
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Pen and wash - Buildings and cityscapes

Wednesday 20th July 10am - 3.45pm £45
Explore the subject of buildings and cityscapes with dip pens, fine liners and drawing pens to create structure. Once the drawing has been created you can then work over these lines with freely applied watercolour.  There will be demonstrations and videos showing techniques and some instruction on creating convincing drawings of buildings.
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Pen and wash - Flowers and plants

Thursday 18th August 10am - 3.45pm £45
The studio will be filled with flowers and plants to work from. We will explore drawing and painting from these subjects with dip pens, fine liners and drawing pens, that we will then work over with freely applied watercolour. We will be exploring layers and wet into wet techniques.  There will be demonstrations and videos showing different methods and lots of time for painting.
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Fundamental principles of watercolour - Getting off to a good start

Thursday 21st July 10-3.45pm £45
Watercolour is a wonderful medium but can be challenging. To get the best results early instruction is useful to help develop knowledge of the medium, confidence and skills. During the sessions you’ll be shown some grounding principles and we will discuss different papers and look at suitable brushes to use. We will do a series of pieces that will help you learn various techniques. You’ll practise on good quality paper exploring layering, adding detail, how to create washes as well as how to correct  mistakes.
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Watercolour - Advancing your skills, building on your knowledge and learning new approaches  

Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th August
10.00 - 3.45  £85 Two day workshop
Building on last year’s workshop, or for those with previous experience with watercolour, we will work with various  techniques including layering, working wet into wet, creating colour blends, softening edges, as well as learning how to correct mistakes. We will look at different artists through videos, to see how watercolour is built up and how style varies. The tutor will demonstrate various techniques. Over the two days there will be time to develop a number of pieces of work and apply techniques learned. We will stretch paper for the second day’s use and heavy weight paper will be supplied for the first day. Masking fluid, wax, salt, mop brushes and various types of paper will be available.
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Drawing and painting outdoors

Friday 22nd July 10.00am - 3.45pm £45
This one-day workshop takes you outside to enjoy the challenge and excitement of painting and sketching outdoors. Painting outside gives so much inspiration for artists; it not only provides visual information to work from, but also means that you can soak up the atmosphere, the temperature and weather conditions, which all contribute to the final works. The location will be given nearer the time once weather conditions have been assessed.
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Working outside - Breaking free and loosening up your drawing methods.

Monday 15th August 10.00am - 3.45pm £45
This course is great way to increase your artistic confidence and do something refreshingly different. Using the open spaces available we will explore unusual forms of drawing to help you loosen up. We will be concentrating on responding to the environment exploring mark-making, using conventional and unusual tools, inks and colour on A2 size paper. The experience of working outside is exciting in itself so working on a larger scale with drawing and paint can provide interesting results. It’s great fun to let go and give something new a chance, adding to your range of experience and gaining new skills. (location to be confirmed).

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Acrylics with texture mediums and collage

Two day workshop
Wed 7th September and Weds 14th September 10am – 3.45pm £85
Working using a combination of acrylics, collage, texture mediums and transparency mediums, we will create images based on the theme of landscape. This is a very creative way of making images using a combination of collage and paint that leads to exciting finished results. It is freeing as there is an element of surprise as the picture develops.
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Weekly Classes starting September 2016

 Project Class (Waiting list)

Wednesday 28th Sept for 10 weeks
10am - 12.30pm (half term break 26th October)
£155 (£77.50 deposit)
A weekly session where you can follow your own path in a supportive environment. Guidance and help are provided by the tutor. This is an ideal class if you have projects or techniques you would like to explore fully over a period of weeks.

Painting (Spaces available)

Wednesday 28th Sept for 10 weeks
2pm - 4pm (half term break 26th October)
£135 (£67.50 deposit)
These sessions are focused around a variety of themed painting projects which use acrylics and watercolour. We explore various techniques such as pen and wash, wet into wet watercolour and bringing texture into acrylic. When working with acrylics there is also the option of using oils if preferred. (For oils our studio is solvent free so techniques for working with oils without solvents will be explained ).

Project Class (printmaking and painting) (Spaces available)

Thursday 29th Sept 10 weeks
10.30-12.30 £135 (£67.50 deposit) + £12 materials fee
This course will be similar to the Wednesday project class but with greater opportunity to explore printmaking as part of the term. You will be encouraged to write a personal project based on a theme that intriques you to work on for the 10 weeks, identifying which areas you would like to explore. You will be encouraged to support larger pieces of work with art research and sketchbook experiments in a variety of media

>> Useful printmaking definitions

Portraiture (1 space available)

Friday 30th Sept 10 weeks
10am - 12noon (half term break 28th October)
£135 (£67.50 deposit)
Continuing on from last year’s successful portraiture class, we will continue to investigate this exciting aspect of drawing and painting, developing observation skills, style and painting technique. We will be aiming to achieve a very good likeness in our paintings and drawings.


Oil Painting (Waiting list)

Friday 30th Sept 10 weeks 1.30pm - 3.30pm
(half term break 28th October) £135 (£67.50 deposit)
This course will focus on themed projects using  oils covering a variety of techniques. We will work with solvent free methods and cover a variety of  varied projects.